I, TRIED—An Album by DotNet


I, TRIED—a very special concert by Cor.ece




Please, Sir—a video by Cor.ece 

From the EP, I TRIED
composed by DotNet(Saedi and Cor.ece)


A brief exploration of intent - 

As the hook says:
“Please, sir/please, sir write another song/ please, sir/please, sir can you turn it on/please, sir/please, sir sing if you could/please, sir/please, sir just make it good.

After the dystopian intro, Saedi’s beat kicks in, playing with musical notions of what POP, R&B, and Hip Hop mean. Making our heads nod along with Cor.ece’s catchy hook, piercing vocals, constantly redefining his signature hopeful-electro-soul sound.

As a bonus, Cor.ece and Saedi released a moving-collage music video that is interested in showing a juxtaposition of self-care and peace. As a kid, Cor.ece’s idea of joy was waking up Saturday mornings and eating a bowl of cereal -- the visual component of ‘Please, Sir’ explores finding stability and the desire for a music video to have a quality shelf-life based on the unsustainability of digital media.

‘Please, Sir’ is the lead single featured on ‘I Tried’.